Yeshe Chöling

Sakya Förderverein e.V.


Unser verehrter und geliebter Lehrer Khenchen Lama Sherab Gyaltsen Amipa am 14.4.2014 um 11.04 Uhr ins Parinirvana eingetreten.


Great annual celebrations for 2019


On these days the 16 Arhats ritual is performed at the Institute.effects of positive or negative actions are increased.

LOSAR: Tibetan New Year 2146 Earth Pig (5. Februar)



CHOTRUL DÜCHEN (19. Februar)

Full Moon and last day of the 15th first days of the year during which Buddha performed each day a miracle.

                                         SAGA DAWA DÜCHEN (17. Juni)

  Buddha's birth, full enlightenment and parinirvana.


First teaching of the Buddha about the Four Noble Truth.

LHABAB DÜCHEN (19. November)

                                        Buddha's descent from Heavens Tushita.